Dani - I sent you a message and I got an email saying you replied but I have nothing in my Inbox :(

Any ideas?

Hmm ... so odd. Could you have deleted it accidentally?

OK, so I just found your PM in my inbox (I assume you're talking about MVC?). I haven't had a chance to reply to it yet.

Ok weird, maybe DaniWeb is hanunted?

I got an email as below - any ideas?


You just got that?? That's incredibly odd!! It's actually an automated PM that goes out to all new members.

Ok I see.

Well I did join a few years back but then also rejoined when I couldn't get my login to work so it's probably for that account but then it started working again so I think I have two accounts. Even so it did come a number of days later.

Ah, so that explains it. You don't have the PM in your inbox because it is in the inbox of your other (new) account.

Yep that sounds about right.

Sorry I seem to have a knack for causing trouble!