The whole idea is your email is stored on your local computer and that of your recipient's.
This is how it works:
first the user downloads and installs the email server on his machine. Then create a private and public
keys for encrypting his/her data.
The user then registers his account with a public server which only keeps public keys and trackers for
individual email servers.
So when an individual create an email, the email is encrypted with the recipient public key
and with the help of the tracker the email is send directly to the recipient's local emails server for any
reason if the recipient email is off line the public server gives the option to store the encypted email for only
a time determined by the sender.

By the way this is an open source project

What do you guys think of this project and will it fly? if it is good how do we get some crowdfunding for it
and who will like to partiner me do this project? :)

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Sounds like the system mentioned in Neal Stephenson's "Cryptonomicon" (published 1999). You sure there isn't something like this out there already?

It just dropped into my head when reading about diaspora project but now u mention it i will Search for it and see

The whole idea is given the sender power over his or her emails your emails are stored locally on your pc or device More over ur emails are encrypted OK I just reax of bitmail but i did not see any thing about encryption

Sounds like PGP.

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