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Yes one idea - its unfinished subsystem. Should be turned off.

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You are about as helpful as a headache - ironically, that's what you are giving me
Don't comment on things you know nothing about.

@wojciech1 - nothing else better to do than post this nonsense? Having a good time trying to irritate other people?


@wojciech1 - please don't hijack my posts as my problems don't get answered as the thread becomes all about you and people forget about my actual question - eg the CV thread for example.

Thank you.


Have not yet tried to cash out my reward points. The only thing I noticed is that they seem to slowly "evaporate" over time. :) Have you tried PayPal?


Sorry I don't understand how I can try PayPal? I click on the following page:


It then says I now have over 2000 reward points. But then it also says I cannot cash out as you need at least 500 points.

Where does PayPal come into it?



Hi there,

@Dave consider that points generated in March and April 2015 (in the range of 45 days if I'm not mistaken) are only estimated points and need to be reviewed by the team, those months are marked by an asterisk. I think there is a thread in which Dani explains how this works. Anyway I don't see the cash button just like you, but I cashed out once in June 2014, since then I accumulated ~2.4k points, not much considering your activity in just two months... :D


The only thing I noticed is that they seem to slowly "evaporate" over time. :)

I saw that too, I think it's because of the considered range which is 12 months.

Bye! :)


I figured out what the bug is but I'm still working on a workaround. Bare with me please.


Dave, you still cannot cash out right now because newly earned rewards points take at least a complete month before they can be cashed out. However, a bug was uncovered that affects loads of other people. So, yeah, there's that :)

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