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We've been having server issues the past few hours. Can you explain what you mean by "it's not working". What, specifically, is wrong?


The page just flashes and no data comes from linkedin.

And im already logged in on linkedin on my computer.


Toby, did you ever get the issue resolved?

It is also affected by your LinkedIn account settings. If you have all your LinkedIn feeds disabled, nothing will come into Daniweb either. In my own Daniweb account, I used to connect to my LinkedIn account. However, I later edited all my LinkedIn Privacy settings to the most private:

(i) I made my Profile visible to nobody except myself,
(ii) I disabled all activity broadcasts,
(iii) I disabled all activity feeds,
etc, etc.

I just wanted to become invisible for a while.

So now my Daniweb account doesn't even indicate a LinkedIn icon, even though it is, indeed, posted in my Daniweb account.

Perhaps you have turned off something in LinkedIn that is necessary for Daniweb to link to it?


I didnt turn anything off. But id check, maybe its set private by default. The issue still exists. Hope this fixes it.



Hi, sorry for the silence. As it turns out, LinkedIn disabled access to their API a couple of months back. No resolution is currently available.

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