Another Wacky problem! Having carried out a rapid upgrade from Server 2K3 (It died) The problem is that any user that logs on get a temporay profile The server is a windows (hate) 2012 std. The clients are all windows 7. They all logged on fine until the big upset. A new user account does the same thing>temporary profile. So far RSOP.msc shows the user policy, redirect of all user folders to the new server including App data, since have tried with the App data back on the local disk for the user. GPudate /force then a results check only show the policy couldn't applied until the user logs off and back on. It would not be so bad if the new user account logged on straight, but it does not, the old user profiles(check the propagation of rights inherited down the folder string OK read write etc). Registry hack to remove any reference to installed software point at the old server log on and aplies the same paths. Set the Sync app to remove the old database enteries no go no sync message errors but still have a temp profile. Come on Santa i need a fix!

Have you checked that the user profile has got the .dat extension and not the .man extension as the mandatory file will take prefrence.

Also check under the user's profile that the profile path has been configured correctly

you also need to remove the profile from the registry. This is found in HKLM/software/Microsoft/windows nt/current version/profilelist Scroll through until you find the correct username. Delete this string and then log back onto the computer with the account and it will create a new user profile and will no longer logon with a temp profile.

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