Suppose you receive a phone call from a client in Sales who cannot print a report on a printer in the Research and Development department. The report is from a database created on a server located at headquarters. The client tells you that other members of the Sales department are able to print to the Research and Development department. You check the printer and you are able to send a test page to the Research and Development department printer. Which combination of steps would be the most effective approach to troubleshooting this issue?
1.Verify printer accessible through local network, verify PC network connectivity, verify access to server, and verify access to corporate database
2.Verify printers work at corporate headquarters, verify network equipment closet has power, and verify local printer is turned on
3.Verify computer IP configuration is correct, verify PC network connectivity, and verify that the PC has correct printer configuration
4.Verify printer has paper, verify network configuration is correct on the computer, and verify that headquarters servers are connected to the network

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Rule number one. Everybody lies.

The first thing I would do is verify that what the user is saying is true. I would also add:

  • Verify that the user has not modified their computer by altering settings or installing software.

In my experience most of the problems were caused by the user installing non-authorized software.

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