I'm looking more and more about answer for my question.
When I open mysql query browser first time, there is place that we can create new mysql connection. I want to create connection like this.

In the 4 computers connected to a LAN network. I name these computers A,B,C,D for easy identiting on this example.
Think A is the only mysql installed computer and database server.
For other computers I installed program wich I made with vb.net 2012.
From that B,C,D computers When I entering data, I want to save those data to sql installed computer.
I have 2 question on this senario :
Q-1 : How would I write connection string ?
Previously I tried with this connection string :

 con.ConnectionString = "User Id=root;server=;password=mysql;database=moneycs"

(I dont sure this connection string)
**Q-2 : **How Could I make new mysql connection on server pc. (note : PC-A IP :
making new connection page has these values and what would I put those values...
Connection :

So help me guys ! :)

The connection string depends on the driver you're using. Which probably is NET Connector, so it should probably be:


If you are using any other driver to connect to mysql check out the connection strings here: https://www.connectionstrings.com/mysql/

To connect from the server it self use localhost. If you're using mysql workbench the port should already be filled with the defautl 3306, just change it if you're setup is diferently.

And a free tip: you shouldn't be using root to connect from the application. You should create an user account for the moneycs database with the required permissions.

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