I'm starting ad campaign on all three for a B2B product. I'd like to know, from your experience so far, what PPC and/or PPV results re acceptable enough for you?!

I'm planing to run adds for at least 2 weeks, 2-3 different for each network and will share my data after but for now it sure would help me to know what to look/expect from them.

I feel adwords on facebook would work better than other 2.

Anyone!? Any rel data to share!?

Your question is all too open ended; you won't get any sort of solid answer without more solid information. What is your B2B product? What size of company are you targetting?

I highly doubt if you are providing a service/product to large scale enterprise users you will see the ROI you expect from Facebook, sorry but the hype on facebook marketing is just that - hype. C-Level professionals / Vendor Procurement just aren't using facebook to find new products and services - IF they are using facebook (and very few C-Levels actually use facebook - due to the concerns of public image and potential industry backlash); then they are using it to socialize with friends and your ads will probably be more white noise then anything. Noise = Being ignored.

If however your target clients are small home based businesses; then you may find that facebook could be a very effective medium to draw clients in if you can manage to target every small business with its own facebook page.

Linkedin is another beast which can be super hard to tame, you really need to be an extremely social person and you need to engage your targets and provide benefit to you being a connection, all while building trust. Linkedin is a platform where content is truly king when it comes to advertising; this is mainly because many professionals using the service are using it as a newsfeed nowadays. So you'd be best off hiring a person to do copy each and everyday and pushing new sponsered articles as often as possible to targetted audiences.

As for twitter; twitter is another great engagement tool and in the B2B sphere instead of paying money for advertising I would honestly be reaching out to people in a direct response form via twitter. The majority of my tweets would consist of the content I'm paying to sponser on linkedin (if I'm paying for content I better be able to use it multiple times). Eventually your followers will grow, but remember part of this is about branding and proving people can trust you and that you provide to them benefit that they cannot get elsewhere.

If you are chasing the right demographics and targetting properly you could have pretty good ROIs. The biggest factor which is going to effect your marketing is going to be your content; its great if you are posting ads and you've managed to find the perfect niche to target - but when they click on those ads you better make sure you have a great landing page that demands conversions or further browsing on your website.

Whether its the actual ad copy or the landing page itself or the content you are sponsoring, all of this is going to be trial and error; especially if you are going to DIY. Your first two weeks of advertising might get you minimal returns but if you keep studying and figuring out what works and what doesnt for each group you will eventually find the right formula for your product. Its all about studying metrics and demographics. Its very rare that any company (even coca-cola) lands perfectly on the maximum ROI their first week in a new advertising campaign.