HI guys, I'm a bit puzzled about the forum area tags that appear on our profiles, screenshot here
This is supposed to show you the areas of the forum where you've been posting more, but it's either inaccurate or there is something wrong with the taggin system (the old one was far better I think). It says that I've been posting more in C++ than anything else, which I'm not too sure is the case, in fact I am pretty sure that I posted more in Java than in C++ and more in Javascript than anything else (I can definitely say that Javascript has more posts than PHP), so what's going on? is the tagging system somehow inaccurate (presumably it is as inaccurate as people make it, meaning they can probably add tags that don't really match what's in the post, although in my case I'm not necessarily referring to human error as such, could it be that something has gone wrong when you switched to the new site and the wrong tags have been added to the wrong posts?)
Any idea?

This is supposed to show you the areas of the forum where you've been posting more

I thought it was just the areas which are most posted in, by everyone.

Uhm, yes maybe you're right...oops. I didn't occur to me to check somebody else's profile, I automatically assumed that was just for mine.

It's supposed to be for yours, but it's forum-based. So while it used to be more specific in knowing that you postin C++ over Java, for example, now it just knows you post in Software Development, and therefore shows you Software Development's most popular tags.

I tried a billion times but it was just too resource-intensive to show your most popular tags, not forum-specific. I might have another go at that though.

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Yep, my tags are pretty irrelevant too. Perhaps we should ask who should benefit from the profile tag list - visitors, the member him/herself, or both? I don't think it's ever been that useful for me when I peruse my own profile, but it's interesting to see where other people do their posting.

OK, thanks Dani, hopefully you'll manage to change it :-)

Member tag clouds should now be much more relevant.

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Hmm. Maybe, maybe not:


Diafol, you've never posted in any asp or asp.net threads?

Actually, I take that back. I think your tag cloud might be cached on your end. I'm seeing entirely different tags for you.

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Yes was cached. Thanks. Tags more relevant now. :)

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OK great! :)

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