It would be nice to allow user to resize the height of the editor. It is terrible experience to write a long post with current editor height.

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would be nice
Good point. It used to sometime in the past.
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We were having problems with resizing the editor causing issues on some older web browsers that I was unable to reproduce. (Reverend Jim was experiencing the problems, and I witnessed it in person when he visited NY.)


I was using current versions of FireFox & Chrome. Unless "older web browser" was referring to me ^_^

In any case I haven't had a problem since we went to the new interface. Have I mentioned how much I like it (now that I've given it a fair shake)?


Have I mentioned how much I like it (now that I've given it a fair shake)?

Were you one of the people who disliked it at first? I can't keep track. :-P

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Dinged if you, dinged if you don't.

Well, yeah. But in all fairness, you made a number of improvements since the initial switch. I especially find the waffle/hamburger much nicer than the old dropdown menus.


We use a newer version of the same editor though. And, since I was unable to reproduce the problem myself, I don't want to do something that I'm not confident will work across the board.

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