Hi all, I hope someone can help.

I've downloaded the raptor WYSIWYG editor. I've got it working the way I want - i.e. I can ad more fonts and heading styles, it edits the screen and I can get it talk to Php and MySql.

However, I have aproblem, I can't seem to find how to alter the default font for the lists i.e. font list that you drop from the editor menu. If I have loads of font stlye (or heading styles), the list simply dissappears off the bottom of the screen - If I could get the list scroll, it would also solve the problem of fixing the font face and size (either solution would be welcomed)

If someone has any ideas I would be greatful. Many thanks in advanced

J :)

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Not sure what you want. You probably have to delve into the source code for the Default Font. I didn't see anything in the API or plug-ins or that.
If you have loadss of different styles/fonts, perhaps that's the problem iteself rather than the editor? Typically you'd only work with a handful of fonts max. How are these fonts loaded into the list in the first place?

If I have time, I'll have a look at it. In the meantime, anybody else?

thanks @diafol for the advice. I'll take a look at that this arvo. thanks for your help :)

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I chose the 0 dependencies version and found entries on line 47209. Sorry can't be more helpful and thiis would take a lot more investigating.

// File start: /var/deployments/www.raptor-editor.com.3/raptor-gold/raptor-editor/src/plugins/font-family/font-family.js
 * @fileOverview Contains the basic font-family class code.
 * @author Nikolay Rodionov <rodi.incave@gmail.com>
 * @author David Neilsen <david@panmedia.co.nz>

 * The basic font-family class.
 * @constructor
 * @augments SelectMenu
 * @param {Object} options
function FontFamilyMenu(options) {
    this.options= {
        fonts: [

    SelectMenu.call(this, {
        name: 'fontFamilyMenu'

So from that I assume that there is a font-family plug-in.

Many thansk for your help and reply :)