Hey everyone,

I have posted a couple of threads looking for a plugin that gives some of the features of CakePHP if not all. However, the threads were going dead. I'm just looking for a good editor that is going to provide me an auto-completion code like HTML helpers, functions and stuff. I know of a couple of paid editors that can do what I wanted but I prefer to use free ones and don't want to pay a cent if I can get it for free. Kindda tight on money at the moment. LOL

I hope to hear from anyone who is using Cakephp framework!

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I'm dying to look for one. If anyone is using codePHP, webstorm or other editros and willing to share the key, PLEASE do so by sending me a PM.I don't want to cause any violation to DaniWeb's rules.


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Of course this is in violation of Daniweb's rules. You might as well go search a torrent site for the keys. It amounts to the same thing!

Sorry, but devs can get anal over things like this, money or no money this is how some people make their living. What you're doing is tantamount to steeling a banana from a market stall... Same, same, same.

Now I don't know about cakePHP but, there must be some good IDE's out there.

Notepad++ is an obvious choice. Maybe even PHPEclipse but it might be heavy.

steeling a banana from a market stall... Same, same, same.

Hahaah.. That is a good line. Most of the torrent files I downloaded aren't useful.

HOw I can Install my cakePhP web site on my local host

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