Hi guy for part of my school final project, pls i need a script to restrict user from clicking a web page session and redirect them to login with alert of 5 seconds. Let me explain it very well, there is a school project im working on now that has blogs and html5 music on the same web page, i need a script that will allow user to read the blog news without login but when the user click on music session which is in the same page with blog will alert the user and direct the user to login page before they can continue or play the music. thanks

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Do you alredy have a users table in a database?
Do you already have html login/registration forms?
How familiar with security issues are you?
Do you need HTTPS / TLS?
Are your pages set up with something like session_start() already?
Are you using a php framework?

Show any code and relevant markup that you have so far. Nobody will do this for you - it's your project after all, but we'll help you build it. If all you need is a ready-made system - your Google skills are probably as good as ours.