First it's great to have an edit feature so that's good.

What I notice after the last big change is that if I edit that works but the Save Changes button when clicked doesn't seem to work.

Well, it does work but you must be patient and know not to click it again or else you get more than one entry in the activity stream.

Since it works, it's hard to ask for a fix but if possible, grey it out on click or ignore more than the first click?

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Yeah, there's currently a bug in that it takes forever. I need to fix this within the next day or so. :)

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So I figured out the problem. Will be resolving soon.

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As an engineer I can appreciate fixing things that are not broken.

Thanks for this. To me it's not the delay that's broken, it's what happens to the activity stream where you see an entry for each click.

But if you tackle both, it's golden.


So, we have always showed edits on the activity stream. The problem seems to be that because there's such a huge delay, people are repeatedly clicking submit multiple times in a row, and therefore that's corrupting the activity stream.

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