Hi guys, i'm a college student in the networking major, and i'm learning php this semester. i have the basic knowledge in HTML and CSS already and i want to move up to PHP, but i'm struggling to figure out how to edit the content of a php website, i got this open-source website as a example to figure out more, could you help me understand where to and what to edit? Thanks in advance guys ^^
Here's the link to the sourceClick Here

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Install something like XAMPP and follow the instructions. Copy the php code into a file called index.php

Let's start small. Before you can edit a website you must have a website to edit on some server. If you have Windows or Linux look to WAMP, XAMPP or LAMPP. If nothing try PHP over at https://fiddles.io/#

Thanks for answering guys, i already have XAMPP on my pc and i copied the website folder into htdocs folder, i'm wondering which files to edit next :/

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Not sure I follow. What exactly are you trying to do. What are you trying to change?