Why does this perfectly valid link(http://www.databasejournal.com/features/mssql/article.php/3112381/SQL-Server-Calculating-Running-Totals-Subtotals-and-Grand-Total-Without-a-Cursor.htm) show up as a broken link in a post?

The link was pasted from the address bar using the link button in the post. Are you saying I need to format the link differently? That we're all supposed to be experts on the Daniweb API to know these thing?

commented: That's a nice bug. +0

And now it's broken here too. I appears that it was fine when I posted it and just to test I accessed it from a second browser.

Seems like a cron job ran and automessed it up. It does report as broken but is not if you continue. And I can't answer the experts part of the question but I too find the posting method to be a bit quirky.

For example, I hit Preview and it's not what I see when I post.
Good find.

Definately seems to be the minus signs. Good find. Something must have changed recently or this would surely have cropped up before now?

I'm thinking the checker is biased. Daniweb links are fine but not any others :)

commented: That makes sense to me. "fine" +0

It has nothing to do with how you're posting the link and everything to do with our link checker not being able to retrieve it. Let me know if this happens again, as it might just be a problem with the HTTP response that databasejournal is throwing to our DaniBot.