Hello everybody
When you decide to search for something, your keywords appear in your head. You can choose from long keywords or short keywords depending on your choice.
What do you think?
Thanks everyone

Sorry, I'm confused what you mean. They appear in your head? Keywords for what?

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I think you're a nut.

Humph. :-P

I wonder if you used a language translator. I've read similar from others while overseas. No big deal really but you may want to translate it back to your language to see how bad the translation is. Or have others that read English tell you how bad it was.

I think that they are asking whether long or short keywords in headers are better for SEO.

Oooooh, when they said head they meant the <head> section of the HTML document! Not in your head as in mind! Mind blown

commented: Oh what a difference one word makes. +12