Hello. I have coem across a problem where both of my monitors are detecting as monitor 1. They arae also displaying the same exact picture and I cannot seem to fix it. I am using a Blackweb "HDMI Splitter 1 In 4 Out" splitter and nothing is working how it should. I have tried using a VGA cable and there was no response on my second monitor. Plz help

That's not a problem but how splitters should work. Both displays should show same content and in Windows show as "monitor 1."

I get the feeling you want more displays, not duplicate displays. For that, you do not buy splitters.

As rproffitt says, that's what a splitter is meant to do: 'split' the image into two, not display two different images.

Assuming your computer has the necessary graphics oomph to drive two monitor displays, and pretty much any decently specced kit will do these days, then take a look at a DisplayLink-driven option. This drives the two displays via a single USB port on the computer. Google for options, there are plenty out there at vall price points. I'm using a Plugable USB 3 'docking station' (although technically it's actually a port replicator) to drive two displays (and my ethernet, keyboard, mouse all plug into it from just the one USB port) from my laptop here.