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commented: Is it as bad as they say? +0
commented: Have the decency to call yourself 'homework cheaters' at least +0
commented: Students that pay to cheat learn lessons. Bad ones, some never finish the course, others can't perform IRL. +0
commented: Pay us to cheat for you, no refunds when you're caught and thrown off the course +0

It's hard to express fully what scum these people are.
They prey on worried students and take their money in exchange for which:

The student fails to learn whatever the course was teaching
The student gets thrown out when the cheating is discovered
Honest hard-working students have to compete with lying cheats
The teacher's time has been wasted

but then there are always some bottom feeders for whom no level is too low provided they can get a bit more cash, regardless of who gets hurt.

I was going to simply delete this rubbish spam, but maybe its better to leave it here, expose it for what it it, and let the scum see what we think of them.


commented: Worse than Rebel Scum. +0

The nice thing is we can infract/ban and still leave the post visible as a warning to others.

For those people who don't see the harm in having someone else do their homework, how would you like to get surgery from a doctor who got his medical degree that way? If my doctor is cutting anything I would prefer it to not be "corners".

commented: Quite nice about this. +0
commented: Quite right! +0

Assignment is given for the students to do, not for others to help them and gain money. Actually we are not helping them we are spoiling them.

commented: I wonder how many students buy their assignments from such. +0
commented: Right! +0