Here's what I see. (image attached, where are inline images?)

It seems odd to me to see 3 dated items there. All are same discussion and it's also strange that Dani's endorsement stays no matter what I do. I like you but this is odd to see behavior wise.

Maybe you're still tweaking?

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This is our algorithm's way of saying, "You visit pretty often, and we don't have that much exciting new content lately. There really isn't anything else we think you'd like to see that you haven't already seen."

I should have posted about inline images on its own. It would be impossible (prove me wrong here) to write a tutorial with step by step pictures with all the pictures hanging out at the bottom as attachments. Was that a move away from IT and programming forums?

As to the algorithm, even when I come back a day later it looks to me to be a jumble of items. To put some order to it I head to the Read or Latest views. It's most likely working the way you intended but without a chapter 1 to what the new DW is all about, I don't get it.

I'm in bed with a cold. Inline image functionality is coming soon. A homepage change is coming soon as well.

Incidentally, the reason why inline image functionality does not currently exist is because I was unhappy with the way the old platform handled it, and wanted to take some time to come up with something a bit better. We're cornered into using Markdown syntax (which, incidentally, still works if you choose to handcode your inline images).

commented: I've resisted installing a markdown editor since this would be my only use for it. But maybe I will anyway. +0

Marking as (soon to be) solved.

Get well! Be well, best wishes too.

The decision to use Markdown is because, aside from gaining popularity on the web, especially amongst technical users, it's used by Stack Overflow, Github, and Reddit, amongst others.

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