How to make money online and what is the best app or website for that?

Go to Music Magpie or similar and sell it.

You could also have someone take a video of you texting on it while

  1. Crossing in traffic
  2. Walking into a fountain
  3. etc.

and post it on youtube. If it's a really spectacular fail then you might get enough traffic to generate some revenue.

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Seriously though, Jeddo, you really do need to be a little more specific in what you are asking. If you want serious answers that is. Currently it's somewhat akin to walking into a bar and shouting 'how can I get rich quick' to be honest.

So, take a deep breath and think about what it is you really want to ask. It may help if you think about what help you expect to get, and 'instructions on making money with my phone' isn't going to cut it...

you can join a MMO comunity. they post many game apps or servey form to you earn money but it's will take many time.