OK, so I'm gereatric and have fading eyesight, but light typeface in light grey on white?

Serioudsly: constructive requests vfor the topics summary page:

  1. Show the name of the OP
  2. Bring back the click to go straight to the laest post in a topic
  3. Use sensible colours for type thatyou want people to read.

... and just for balance...
the create new topic interaction is a VAST improvement - especially showng the Rules up front.

I agree about the typeface colouring. My eyes would prefer more contrast, have to squint a bit - thought it was just me!

OK, could not agree more. Many sites seem to suffer from this disease: Very lightgrey text on a white background. Fancy? Trendy? Old man excluding device? While I'm typing here in this editor it gives me a beter feeling than the previous one.
Oh and Dani are you already thinking about a next update? :)

Show the name of the OP

You can hover over the avatar for the name of the OP. You can also hover over any date for the actual timestamp. The OP's name was removed in favor of saving space with just the avatar because the OP's name is not of much use to anyone but the most loyal members, of which there are few. This is why sites like Stack Overflow don't show a poster's name until beneath the post, making it impossible to read posts considering who wrote them.

Instead, we are trying to present you with the content we think you would be interested in seeing, by default, so you won't have to manually filter through the list only picking topics to read based on usernames. To that end, the activity feed on the homepage is custom tailored for you with the content we think you would be interested in. You could visited Recommended topics, to only see topics we think you would be interested in. Or, and here's the biggie, when visiting any forum, the topics shown are ONLY the ones we recommend for you by default. You have to remove the filter to see all topics in a forum.

Also, there are two ways to go straight to the latest post in a topic ... either click the reply counter, or clilck on the timestamp of the latest post, which is written next to the timestamp of the first post.

With regards to the typeface colouring (look at me being british), a LOT of effort was put into the color scheme and overall UI/UX feel. We ultimately went with an offshoot of Google's Material Design. I did not pick the colors myself, but instead deferred to the experts.

The "clilck on the timestamp of the latest post," doesn't work for me for topics at https://www.daniweb.com/

To read latest replies I click on Read then the click on the timestamp works.

At https://www.daniweb.com/ the mouse turns from a pointer to a pointer with a ? mark on the time stamps. I've tried this in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Hey, it's a small thing but let's hope the site attracts more folk.