Is there a new ad, which scrolls horizontally across the page, or have I been infected with spyware?

Any ad technology that interferes with my posts, by altering the content (IntelliTXT, for example), or by getting in my way by obscuring content (like the scrolling ad I seem to have spotted) usually gets an immediate, and very negative reaction from me.

Please tell me we're not experimenting with this kind of advertising here.

I havn't seen anything...

It was a rogue Visual Studio.NET ad campaign that we're running. I spotted the flyout before heading off to the bowling alley this morning and my rep emailed me about 2 pm saying it was taken care of. Did you spot the problem after then?

Yep. This was for a "QuestionMart" survey. About the time I started this thread.

Grr. Yes, QuestionMarket flyouts seem to be attached to various VS.NET campaigns. I already took care of the wide skyscraper one. Next time this happens, note where on the page a VS.NET ad is (leaderboard spot, box spot, etc) and let me know.

I'd say "box spot" if I have the terminology correct. I was editing a post at the time.

Alrighty. The box spot is the square ad that is next to the Google AdSense box (right above the Quick Reply). I have sent an email to my rep with a link to this thread for him to investigate.