On the DaniWeb home and development pages, the dropdown menu closes by itself if the cursor passes over a clickable link which is hidden under the dropdown. Thus, I can't click on some items. On the home page, the "Relax with our community in our Geek's Lounge" linked image causes it.

On this posting page, the Software Development and Web Development dropdowns close by themselves if the cursor passes over the hidden part of this text window I am now typing this post in.

This is a change from a few weeks ago.

On the page you are now reading, the dropdowns close when the cursor passes over the line beginning with "Ads by Google".

The link "Get Firefox with google toolbar for better browsing" does NOT cause the problem.


Something else is wrong with the code of the page you are reading now, because the line

FAQ - About Us - Contact Us - ADVERTISE [IMG]http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/dani-images/misc/coffee_house/dani/pdf.gif[/IMG] - Sitemap - Privacy Statement

Is sticking way out to the right (covering the search window) and adding a horizontal scroll bar to the search window.

I don't see the problem you describe. Do a print screen and attach the bitmap file to your post so that we can see what you are looking at.

That's impossible to do. It doesn't look any different, except that the menu is suddenly gone (looking like it did before I clicked the tab).

Or do you mean the misplaced links. Someone has already fixed it.

The dropdown problem has disappeared too. Something tells me some advertising code was temporarily mangled, as it did it for only two days.


One question: how do I "attach a bitmap file of a print screen"? It won't take the bitmap directly from my computer (it wants a url), and I can't upload a file that huge to my website.

I wonder if this had anything to do with the Z-axis problem in another thread. The window was obviously being affected by what was under it.

The z-index problem appears to only affect IE. FireFox 2.0 and Safari both appear to work properly.

The infamous z-index bug has a long history, and indeed it affects only IE. It isn't a problem unique to this site. It's a bug in IE that Microsoft has ignored through several browser versions.

Correction. The bug I referred to was with z-index and SELECT elements. I have no idea what's going on with your menus. Sorry!

It disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Must have been a code glitch or a greedy ad.

It's Baaaaack!

The GlobalSpec ad is hiding the dropdown menus on the home page, so you can't read or click on them.