I'm hoping that a tutorial for learning this site will be available soon....
other wise I'm just a non-techie spectator that is unable to decipher the jargon.
I am not without expertise in my own field...however computers has not been my line.
If I said "level the transducer to the phlebostatic line" would you know what I meant? Not unless you'd had years of training ahead of time...So I hope you
see what I mean....bring on the tutorials so I can gleen the skills for using DaniWeb-- cause I'm just floating around on the edges of this site unsure of how to dig in.
Some techie needs to rescue me!


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I'm confused what type of tutorials you are looking for. Do you wish to know all the different features this site offers. Or do you want more newbie-friendly replies to your questions? If it's the latter, simply post that you are a newbie and need lots of help in your question. The people around here are very friendly and sure to try to help as much as they can.


Just find the appropriate Forum section for your question or topic of discussion, and create a new topic just as you've done here mate :D

For more technical aspects of using the site, check out the FAQ:


You might also like to click on the 'User CP' button at top of page to access the Control Panel for your account, and explore the menus in there to see what settings you can adjust.

Don't hesitate to ask further questions - I take your point. Newcomers to Forums in general can find it 'Heavy Weather' for a while ;)

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