Does anyone know how 2 use jni??? I want to figure out the CPU temperature. Can somebody teach me how?

Thanx in advanced,

Do you even have any kind of hardware that gets the temperature?

no, but in the boot menu u can get all that info, so i thought you dont need extra hardware

Where is this boot menu at? I don't think what your seeing is the temperature, it might be the % usage of some process, but not the temperature.

hit F8 when your computer is starting up to get the boot menu - boot menu may not be the proper name. Srry 4 being unclear.

Anyway, is there a way to find the % of CPU usage

Yes, you can get the usage, availible RAM, and stuff like that, using this class:


I don't have any examples handy, or I would post some code.

i tried what u said, but the class doesn't exist

the code u gave me is for .NET

Is this just as like a novelity program beacuse you can download tools to do that.

no, its sorta like task manager