There are so many members with websites of their own, why not show them all off? This is the thread for members to post websites of their own.

This is the only place where you can advertise your own site (other than in your member signature) so please abide by the following rules:

Please only reply once to this thread with your site's name, a link to your site, and (if you'd like) a brief description.

This thread will only be open until January 14th 2004. A poll will then be posted with a random selection of sites and all members will be able to vote for their favorite site.

Based on the poll, the winning site will receive 2 months of free 468x60 ad impressions on daniweb.com's homepage ... and even if you don't win, you'll receive free site exposure via this thread!

[edit] Thread extended to end of January due to lack of sites entered ... I'm actually quite surprised by this ;)

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No other submissions? I was almost positive that everyone would be dying to post here, as it's the only thread where people can actually advertise their own site.


No other submissions? I was almost positive that everyone would be dying to post here, as it's the only thread where people can actually advertise their own site.

Alright, now bare with me here.

I kid you not, this yahoo site is actually mine. I only used pink and purple to attract members, although I must admit, it's not working very well. I only have 4 members, lol. Also, my description is deceiving because I don't actually allow any one else to upload pics.

You asked for it, so I'm giving it to ya.

PS: don't make fun of me too much... I think I can see Big "B" disowning me already... lol

And no, I'm not a fag.

Definately not tech related.




Um, yeah its tech related look at the printer in the background. I would show my paris hilton collection but I might get banned for the 5th time.


Hey everybody,

I thought it would be nice to introduce my site on a board as dedicated to vBulletin as mine. (Of course, this board is focussed on the managing part)

What is the name of your forums/website?
vBulletin Fan Community

Description of your forums topic?
Community dedicated to chit chat about vBulletin, and all that comes with it. Articles, interviews, sharing ideas and work, graphics and resources. We try to keep track of the updates and members, discuss changes and features, options and their improvements and bugs.

What is the URL?

Date of Launch?
We launched in June 2003, and we have grown more then I personally expected. Starting out with just a small group of friends and grown to 20.000+ reactions and near 1.500 members within 6 months after launch.

What software do you use for forums?
The server is powered by Apache 1.x and MySQL 3.x and PHP 4.x - all to do what vBulletin version 3.0.0 asks of it. (Plans to update to MySQL are made.)

Fans and vBulletin enthousiasts are welcome to join our site and have fun!

Floris [img]http://www.theadminzone.com/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


Ok ok, here we go:

My main site - http://www.brainchasm.com
Japanese pop music resource, forums, and private/invite-only DirectConnect hub. I also host a weekly pack of low-bandwidth WMAs with corresponding snapshots from the music videos so visitors can sample the newest music.

My highest traffic site - http://bcdcplusplus.brainchasm.com
Official mirror (and home) of BCDC++ (BlackClaw DC++), a modified version of DC++ that allows tigertree hashing, bandwidth throttling, Lua scripting, and a bunch more.
Typical monthly traffic was between 40-60GB upstream, but I've shrunk the downloadables a bit. I'm looking at an average of 60,000 pageviews per month.

A band's site - http://altbeggar.brainchasm.com
a.k.a http://www.alternativebeggar.com
Very new and young Christian rock band out of Oklahoma. One of the guitarists and I got talking about webspace, and next thing I know, I'm hosting the Flash files and MP3s he makes for the band.
Very good sound, and the oh-Jesus message isn't browbeaten into you.

My testing/screw-off subdomain - http://bakakame.brainchasm.com
Last I checked I was just playing with an opensource shopping cart system...haven't done much else there.

DOH! I totally forgot http://www.peda.info - People for the Eating of Delicious Animals (my response to the silliness that is PETA).
I haven't written much for it, I was hoping for contributing authors, but they haven't shown up.
Note: PEDA is hosted at 1and1.com, not on my webserver at home.

A couple of these are mentioned in my sig as well. The fun part is, all this is happening on an old dual PPro Compaq server that can barely run Windows...but it runs Linux like a champ!



We're not accepting any more entries. To vote, visit [thread]2862[/thread]


Duh, ---- 02-03-2004, 12:08 AM Date of your last post here. Where have I been? Oh, I remember now, the 3 Word Story Thread in the g33ks lounge. Huuum, I'll try and do better . :)


i think we should do another contest ;) as i have a new site i want to put up for the vote ;)

Wow, what a great quick loading, and good looking site. No more time now to say much, I have some HTML hand coding to do before morning. I fell asleep last night here in this chair and "Bonk" my head hit the keypad. I did go to bed then. Ha! True story too. I'll go join just so I can have yet another forum to see in operation. I am oohdale everywhere I go, so I can't hide, Ha! again removedeletewww.oohdale.comremovedelete Oops I can't do that here can I? I'll delete it then. I am always getting onto trouble for rules violation because they all are different. No time gotta go Zoooooooooooooom gone. Thnkx Guys/Gals/mods :)


i think we should do another contest ;) as i have a new site i want to put up for the vote ;)

Kewl idea, I vote for that! I'll make time this time. :)

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