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Looks like it has been all resolved! I called up OptOnline and they fixed the problem.

It seems it was just us! The rest of the world was all seeing the new version right from the start.


Good = fastest cable isp in US
Good = cheapest cable isp in US
Good = best price to speed ratio
BAD = Service Sucks (most of the time)
Good = Nice tech support people
BAD = They dont always know what they're doing
Good = Most of the time they do

Actually ... not true

They are definitely not the fastest cable ISP!!

Cable modems, themselves, are all capable of carrying about ~45mbps but ool caps us at around 10mbps

There are cable companies (like in Texas and out southwest) that cap at around ~40!!

HOLY SHIT!! Fuk... i got to see if i know any1 from da southwest... hmm... think i might no som1, if any of ya know him... evilhomer ask em 4 next time he gets on.

YO!!! like i always say, i'm beggin 4 it, docsis 2.0 baby!! hellz yah! t3 like speeds... way schway