1500 Active users on the site right now!! (1477 Guests)

Perhaps we should restrict guest viewing (Some sites im on you must be logged in to view the bases),this must be VERY HEAVY on the server!

This is actually normal for us. We'll usually peak at over 2,000 early afternoon. Last week we hit nearly 5,000 users online at once.

Most of those are probably bots. :P

Typically about 250 of them are bots at any given time. If you go to the who's online page you can see which are and which aren't bots.

I guess its the bots which make Daniweb popular. :P

We're still talking about an average of 2,000 real life people on the site at once ya know :) At the time of The Dude's posting, there were still over 1,300 real people on the site.

Come to think of it. Im almost online 17 hours a day in daniweb. It seems to be an addiction for me. Don't know why :)

This site is awesome!!!

Its nice coming here and helping people when they have issues,etc :)