while i was trying to enter "everything and anything" in the geeks' lounge, my explorer crashed several times, so i gave up trying to enter this thread... is there any special reason for this to happen?

It works fine for me. Additionally, the thread has like 250 posts, which is an indicator that lots and lots of other people can view the thread fine. :(

Maybe his connection wasnt good enough and when trying to open a large thread it locks up until the thread is loaded. (Happens alot on many sites)

may be... 'cause it loaded the first like... 6 or 7 posts, and then stopped responding...

it didn't happen in my pc... but in one @ my university...

It could be an institutional firewall.

The firewall wouldn't have let the page load up at all..

I have had problems with an institutional firewall in the past that, while it didn't prohibit the page, often got its handshaking messed up with a long page because it ran out of memory.