When asking for help there are several items of interest that should be stated in the beginning.
What is the problem, what os you are using with sp number and have you added any new hardware or programs before the problem presented itself. Also it would help those who respond to know if there were any error messages, and just what steps you have taken to correct the problem.
HELP! my computer has crashed will get VERY little help right away because the person that will try to help you get it back up and running will have to use two or more respondences to get information as to what you or it was doing when it crashed.
Please if you see a thread with a similar problem to what you are having, DO NOT hijack that thread. It may help you if you will read the entire thread and apply the actions to your case. If these actions do not repair your problem then please start a new thread, giving the information needed. You will get a respondence quicker that way.And besides it is just plain rude to hijack someone's thread.

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Nicely put dewabo, If I may add if one of us help you and it helps or not Please post either way.Most of the time if it doesn't there is a response but if it does no word.Remember a question asked and solved doesn't only help you.alot of people run across this site doing searches.Thanks

Bravo, dewabo, Bravo. I'd like to ask that a moderator pin this thread or do something so that people will hopefully read it before posting. I don't know how many times someone will ask for help.. and I will have to ask these basic questions.. This information is to help YOU, the person asking for technical assistance. We can better troubleshoot and diagnose the problem ourselves when we have adequate knowledge about the problem (Remember that we are not there and thus, we are relying on the user to give us useful and truthful information).