I use opera on linux and I am noticing a few problems. Randomly the web page will be rendered to the far left of the screen. Here is a screen shot:

Randomly? Aside from eing off to the far left, that page doesn't look right at all. Could you send me a screenshot of what a DaniWeb page usually looks like to you in Opera? Thanks! (I don't have access to that web browser to test)

heres a screenshot of the same page rendered normally:

Opera on the windows OS work ok.

all web browsers suck on linux. I switched to opera because firefox crashed every 5 minutes...

Typically, I use opera as my primary browser on ever OS (I love the wand feature). However, repeated crashes, slow opening pages, terrible spell checking feature, huge RAM usage, and a few other factors have forced me use Firefox for Daniweb.. Firefox doesn't crash for me at all (be it linux or Microsoft)..

Hmm, I dunno, I think there is something dodgy with javascript because from time to time that's the main cause for my browser crashing when viewing daniweb.

At the mo, I'm using safari 3 for windows and it's really sweet.

safari is sweet. Gonna try it on wine.

Maybe the fat lady in the opera sang, and scared all the elements to one side.


More likely it has something to do with frames.

Frames? I don't think the CSS loaded fully for some reason.

Frames? I don't think the CSS loaded fully for some reason.


My thingamagadget uses an Opera branch. Previously I'd made some comment aboot the stuff on the right (maybe?) while using it. Did you make any changes within the last month or so WRT which might be loaded first?

It looks better now; I'm just wondering if it was something a change or my very recent firmware upgrade.