A behind the scenes change has been made where posts made in staff-only forums no longer count towards the post count of us moderators.

That's funny, because I'm not a moderator and my postcount has still dropped somewhere in the last week. I went over 500 posts the week before and became a 'posting pro' instead of a ' posting pro in training', but now my posts are under 500 again and I'm still a posting pro... [see attachment]

This is my second 500st post :)


Attachments nieke.JPG 121.66 KB

Everytime that you report a post, a thread is created in a hidden staff forum as an open ticket for a mod to handle. This made your old postcount actually rather inaccurate.


ah that explains why mine has gone down a lot i always report stuff, before i only neeeded like 800 to catch you up now its like 1200

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