This is probably a little off from the regular threads, but here goes:

How many of you actually like Wine, expensive or cheap (over 21 please, we don't need any incriminating threads)?

I have tried wine ranging from cheap to expensive, recently aged to very aged... and it all tasted like it didn't belong in my mouth, and it should never go there again. For some reason I can't bring myself to like Wine at all. Is it just me, or am I the only person who would rather drink straight from the toilet rather than a bottle of Wine?

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>< I thought this thread was about the linux/unix windows emulator...:p

I also thought that it was the windows emulator of linux :)

Don’t fight it, drivers are always appreciated.

huh? come again? lol

well, what does every one think about alcohol?

Umm... thread closure? This is really lame.

Open it stays, for it is, indeed, the lounge. ;)

I'm talking about alcohol 120%, you know, the burning program? never mind.

(over 21 please, we don't need any incriminating threads)?

If we're going to get off-topic, I might as well mention that Canada's legal drinking age is 19. ;)

and 18 in the uk (but 16 with a meal if an adult buys)

Well I'm not going to drink, so I don't care.

I'm back from the dead, and I have to say... this thread got quite hilarious. Oh how the years fly by.

Woah, what a 2 year gravedig/bump!

having used emulators from the old BBC on IBM andthen using dos on 386 /486/pentiumand then trying to use various ohter emuations one realises thathere are always restritions on using nany type of emulator on another processor built to do differnet things;

Wine seems ok for simple progs but a the end of the day eachis designed to runits own OS. hence perhaps the best solutionI have found is to use dual boots OS and then run a network on two or more computers to swap files...


commented: This thread isnt about WINE, its about wine. read the thread -5
commented: give the guy a break, he simply misread the thread +8

This thread isnt about WINE, its about wine. read the thread

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