hi everyone!
just thought i'd check in and see how you all are. Not going too bad with my c++ programming, I am rather new to it even though I'm a little familiar with other languages like java and php etc.
I just completed my first c++ test in class last monday and got 17 out of 20 (85%), though i thought i could have done better. Am pleased that I got top marks for my first assignment.
Am currently in the middle of my second assignment, which, at first glance, i did a OMG! I read on some more and starting to relax. Then, when I REALLY started reading it and commenced coding, I went back to the OMG stage again. No but seriously its going ok, a little trickier than the first one. Most of its done except the last question which is declaring a pump and a customer class for a petrol pump simulator! I'll get there.
Looking forward to finishing school this year, however, i'm must think i need torturing some more as I've applied for uni next year (another 2 more years of schooling!). Ah well, i just keep thinking it will be worth having a decent qualification just so as to get a decent job. Which is want you really have to have these days if u want a fairly well paid and satisfying career.
Well must go now, I'm probaly boring you all,
Cheers everyone!

Who are you again?

Probably that sory guy from Poland.

no, im not that sory guy from poland....

try the other side of the world and the opposite gender...


Welcome. Please fill in your pofile information so we can see where you are from.

Programming with C++ is real easy and shouldn't give you any problems. If it does, we have a very helpfull C++ forum at DaniWeb with he brightest minds to be found anywhere just waiting for your questions.

just letting you know, i have updated my profile