For my christmas present I was given a computer upgrade.
The system is built around a ECS L7S7A2 mother board running 333 DDR 512 MGB of RAM and using an AMP 2600 2.1gig processor. According to the specs of the motherboard there should not be any problems. However, the from the begining my efforts have been twarthed. At first the system would simply power up the power off. Eventually we were able to get the system to stay running but were getting the "beeps" so we changed the memory out and the system was running again with out the beep. So we went to hook up the video GF FX 5200 256MGB AGP card and were not getting a bio screen at all. It is completely blank. I can hear the processor and the HD spinning. The fan on the CPU and the Video card are both working. I know the video card is not bad as I am using it in my old system at this moment. We tried using a standard PCI video card no luck on that either.

I am at a complete and utter loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Well, try reseating the card - I'm sure this wont fix it though.

The best suggestion is to contact ECS about the motherboard, I'm sure their phone number is in the manual. They might be aware of this issue, your board might be damaged and needs to be RMA'ed, or you may just need to move a jumper switch - they would know.

HI find the jumper for disabling the on board video look in you manual or check the manufactures web site...

Maybe,just Might Be Your Power Supply.
Not Enough Oomph For The Board!
Try A Different Power Supply,i Had A 400w Dual Fan Unit,
Didn't Power My Board....used A 300w And Away It Went!
Dont Ask Me Why,it Just Did!

HI find the jumper for disabling the on board video look in you manual or check the manufactures web site...

Checking the mobo, it appears to lack onboard video. You should make sure that the card is properly inserted, or maybe you do have a PSU problem. Also make sure you have good RAM. Check with the manufacturer or visit the website and see if you can't get it working. You might end up getting it replaced.

try checking the processor I had a PIII 450 come up with no video and I pulled the cover and my processor was lose

try checking the processor I had a PIII 450 come up with no video and I pulled the cover and my processor was lose

AMD's are all sockets, I doubt it's that.

Sounds like a power supply issue, or something could be grounding out.

Take everything out of your case including the motherboard, and put it all back in, making sure everything is fully seated.

I have had exactly the same problem.
Lower down the speed of your CPU in the BIOS and everything should work fine. That's what I did and my pc has now been starting up everytime for months now.

Hello. Another user on here and I are experiencing the same problem as you are. I tried three different video cards in it, but none were able to make anything happen. To JamGuru - I would try to lower my processor speed, but as is the problem for us, we can't even get to the bios. Is this a ECS board problem, or is it something stupid I'm overlooking?


was there ever a solution for this problem??? i ask becuase i am experiencing the same thing

I haven't quite found a solution to this problem either. I just posted my current situation in this thread, and I'll be sure to post updates here as well.

ok guys i had the same problem with my computer and it's so funny how i fixed it. I realized that i had bad RAM so i installed a new RAM. everything boots up fine and i see the screen, but out of no where i started getting a blank screen. I tried all sorts of things and nothing worked. So I decided to see what happens if I install the old RAM back in the computer and guess what it worked. I was able to see the bios screen. Cant figure out what was wrong there, but I had to laugh cus i have a bad RAM in my computer right now. I would like to know what i did wrong and wasnt able to see anything on monitor, so if anyone has suggestions let me know.

I think you will find this is a computer virus. My old motherboards went into a blank screen mode, and I replaced them. I am trying to figure out how people are getting this past the firewall. I am able to get the screen back for a while by reseting the bios, but after going into the setup and saving with defaults the same problem reapears, and I am not seing anything that seems to be a bios switch. It seems there is merit in the powersupply problem, but how can the powersupply create the video blanking. One person told me he could do this, but I would like to know how to correct the problem and keep it from happening. Can a person be arrested for this?