I got 1 wrong and it said i was :icon_cheesygrin:

3 out of 3 :) the apple question comes up on so many quizzes.

I got 2 of 3 the first time because I am used to the scientific color scale. But nice questions with only 5 seconds to answer each one.

3 of 3 WOOT WOOT!

3 of 3, I'm not dumb :)

but to be honest, I answer the 1st question randomly. English is not my primary language (it's my 3rd) and I don't know what "syllabus" (or whatever) mean

LOL nice find man, I got 3/3 - I love the "are you dumb, are you dumb, are you dumb?" countdown lol

2/3 :( I don't know how to count apples it seems. I was looking out for some kind of trick-question when it came to the apples because I read William's post but a lot of good that did me, I still missed it!

My score : 3 of 3 !! I think i am lucky
hehehehehehehe .........

3 out of 3....Not dumb!

3 out of 3 Yeah i am not dumb!!!

Never regret anything that made you smile!

Well i got 2 out of 3. Its really a very interesting game. I 'll try to play it daily. Its very very interesting for me. Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice game.

3 of 3, I'm not dumb at all!

And I know it!

got i mistake so I am partially dumb ^.^

2 out of 3...
so dumb for now of course!!!!!!!!!!

3, nope, happy to know! :D