Hello all,

I am looking for problems that need to be solved in the field of networking (those that have no solution yet)

and areas of potential .. one's that need improvement from a not satisfactory functioning/services

please suggest as much as you can/know

thanks a lot

Do you mean to suggest problems? My guess of 1 big problem would be network connectivity for wifi.

yes I pointing out that I need your suggestions about problems regarding the field of networking ..

I am looking for the problems in this field

thanks for you suggestion ^^

waiting for more =)

The biggest problem with networks is and always has been reliability.

> waiting for more =)

And also network speeds are a big issue in many areas. IMO the Rudd government needs to be more active on the new network roll out as it has already been at least a year with no word about it.

if you rely on the government to run your network for you, expect problems.
No competition => no incentive to innovate and improve.