Just took my CBT which enables me to ride motorbikes up to 125cc and now I'm considering buying a bike - Woo hoo.

Anyone out there got any ideas/experience about motorbike riding? I'm thinking about getting a YBR 125.

Please share your thoughts here.

by motorbikes I take it you are the UK I ride motorcycles here in the USA a Yamaha 1100 Virago a V-Twin Cruiser style motorcycle. Buy a used one first so you are not going to have a fit when you put the first ding on it. also don't spend to much on it as the minute you are able to move up to bigger bike the 125 will be history, have fun be safe. Knees in the breeze wind in your face ride baby ride. Later---

After 2 people in my family had serious accidents riding their bikes, and seeing the aftermath of a lot of other motorcycle accidents, I lost what little interest in the things I had.

I ride a 750cc 30 year old chopped Yamaha. 4 hollow pipes and weber carburetors make for an interesting sound :)
I use it for hobby only. When I'm in a hurry, I just take the car.

by law he's limited to 125cc or less :)

Congrats on passing your CBT, don't worry before too long you will be able to ride proper bikes rather than those hairdryer-powered 125 jobbies :)

I've always liked Triumphs, to be honest, but then I've owned a fair few stripped down and chopped up bikes in my time. One of my favourites was a custom built trike that started life as a six pot Kawasaki but ended up being something a hell of a lot better.

I don't ride as much these days, fast approaching 50 and with both young kids and grandchildren in tow a bike isn't exactly convenient most of the time...

Congrats man!!!! You have no idea what you have started, hahahaha. It is probably THE most exciting thing in life to do, go riding. You will soon find that a 125 is way tooooo small for you. I must add though that I started all my shenanigans on a 125, then a VFR 400 (NC30) and then Zuuk 750 SRAD. From there I went to R1, Blade and finally my Gixer 1000. See my profile for a pic. I know you are limited there by age, insurance etc on what you can ride. Luckily we do not have such limitations in South Africa.

Oh, and girls tend to become plenty a lot...., they just love bikes (or maybe the bikers) who knows.

I am also getting too old for the big ones, planning on getting a cruiser soon. Don't know what yet???

If you do upgrade, try and skip the 250's, its a waste of time and money. Shoot straight for the 400, or if possible a 600.

Its nice to hear there are some bikers in computing as well.:cool:

Thanks for all the advice guys...

Yeah, the plan is to go for a crappy second hand motorbike, because I know I'm gonna drop it a couple of times.

Those bikes look awesome, but I fell of my bike during training in an empty car park so I have respect for the bike which is good. A 125 should do me for the first year or so.

Can't wait to pass the actual test so I am legally allowed to take passengers. Then I'll be buying two helmets ;)

I tried riding a bike once, I didn't like it. :sad: It was a scary experience >.<
I prefer bicycles :ooh: more user friendly, with no noise at all, and you'll feel the knees breeze and all that.

>Sulley's Boo;1236791]I tried riding a bike once, I didn't like it. :sad: It was a scary experience >.<
I prefer bicycles :ooh: more user friendly, with no noise at all, and you'll feel the knees breeze and all that.<

to each his or her own, more road for me all you scooter trash ride safe. watch out for 4 wheelers they is BLIND. Later---

Just got some gear so I'm excited... Been mega busy and was wishing to have done it sooner. Still no bike but need to get my ass in gear to get one by the end of summer.

Bought an expensive helmet, (you can't be too cheap with helmets) which is a nice poly carbonate composite stealth avg one. Should last 5 years. (I never knew helmets have a life expectancy). Cheap jacket which was on offer with protection in the shoulders and elbows and a nice set of water-proof gloves.

May post some pics if I can get it off my phone or more likely if I can be ar*sed.

Rock on.

125cc? Isn't that a dirt or pit bike? I wouldn't mind one for motocross or freestyle, but that's it.

Thinking of a Kawa Ninja ZX900, fast and cheap. Sort of tasteless and probably would crash it, but it's fucking fast!

Probably going to sup-up and attach a 3.5HP Briggs motor to my spare mountain bike and go have some fun.

Indeed young man. A 125 is just a step up from a scooter. But under the advice of all my mates it's the way to go as a starter bike. A few months of riding that we'll see... Then upgrade to something bigger. Anyway i love the smell of petrol and the chicks should hopefully come a runnin. Ah man stuff, it's like being a caveman.

Whatever you buy, get a real noisy bike so you can irritate your neighbors a lot!:)

I used to ride a motor bike (BMW) in my teenage years, but the only girls I ever got to ride with me were the once with warts and very hairy legs.

Well I've bought one now. Should be able to collect it next weekend........Oh yes!

memory jog- anything the bike does stupid guess who told it to do it. ride safe and have fun. Later---
ps 4 wheelers is blind!!!

Just did a test drive... Yes, looking forward to increasing my sense of independence as well. Cool.