I can now watch the Daily Show straight through w/o all those damnable glitches, hiccups, and pauses. In fact, I am listening now whenever Craig goes to commercial - pretty cool.

Er, should have posted this last night

Oops, FireFox4 - the beta

yeah it is a good browser for sure, looks like they are trying to make it look like google chrome :p

I agree, IE8, there is no fantasies oops fire to be seen.

I hate browsers change so rapidly. It is hard to keeps websites compatible for all. I heard IE9 has issues with many sites. I hope that does not force me to rebuid my websites.

Can't beat NoScript and/or AdBlock+

>>I heard IE9 has issues with many sites
Probably because it hasn't been released yet.

IE9 will still have issues even if they release final version as always they have :(