Who are you picking? Me i go for Pacquiao ^_^

What are they? Margarita drinks?? Horses (e.g. horse races)?

NOOOOOOOOOO... X_X they are boxers, they're fight will gonna be on Nov. 13

Of course, I'm a solid Pacman :)
Manny Pacquio!!

Pacquio... But if it was Mayweather vs Pacquio, I'm an ardent Mayweather fan.

His training regime alone elevates him to the top.

Without a doubt Pacquiao, he has more tools and is more adaptive. Margarito is a one note fighter, just tries to run you over and smash you.

I don't think I would want to get into a bar (pub) fight with either one of them :)

I go for Pacquiao.
Agility is his weapon together with power. :)

I go for Pacquiao too! :D