As the title describes, with all the new technology available in cars today, hackers can now break into your car and do some nasty things to it, and ultimately, your safety.

Have a look at this very interesting link where the guys previously plugged into the vehicles control system. They now designed a new way where malware is used from a normal music cd to hack into your vehicles computer.

i don't think so. Since there is a new malware found no machinery is safe from the cyber weapon. Cool, first time heard that a virus could cause a car engine to move backwards and explode. The new age of cyber weapons is coming

Even if they say that pulling this off is "hard," it is still possible, and that's enough to warrant more security.

Even harder since I have no CD player in my car!

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Even harder since I have no CD player in my car!

You are one of the few lucky ones.;)

Imagine, in a few years we will have to go back to carburetor fuel systems and an old fm tuner radio...:)

They said that this cyberweapon originate from the usa or iraq. Does anyone agree, and ani idea how to prevent such things from happening to

I'm not sure where it has its origins, but I suppose we have to wait for "Antivirus" software from the manufacturers.;)

Antivirus software would take a lot time. As the hackers kept on creating new and similar virus but more stronger and powerful. i don't think antivirus will stop them. The virus is also very complex and creating an antivirus software to counter the virus will take a long time and when the antivirus come out. New virus would be created

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Buy a pushbike. Aren't all these electronic doohickeys just a load of rubbish anyway? Electric windows, air con, satnav, poncey cd/ipod/FM nonsense, electronic guages for this and that. EFI. The list is longer than the longest hair up my long nose. Boys and their toys again. Bout time these car manufacturers grew up. Christ they annoy me. Anybody who's attracted by all that one-upmanship tripe and insists on driving you to absolute distraction about it whenever you meet them deserves to get hacked. In fact, I would learn to hack just to see the look on their supercilious faces when they press the button (no keys now of course) and the sound system starts taking the piss out of them. Whatever happened to wooden cars anyway?

You can take a walk or ride a bicycle whenever you go, this could protect your car from getting hacked. About learning how to hack, i thought it was illegal. In the future, technically your car and electronic devise will get hacked, your computer and mobile phones too. They should invent telepathic communications between one another, this way you won't get hacked and safe money from buying a mobile phone

i have a car with four wheels and engine................

as they need physical access to the car's computer systems while the engine is running to infect it, I'm not in the least worried.
It'd mean the criminal would have to work for my car dealership.

He'd also have to have a reason to personally target me, information he would never have as it's a lease and the work order would only show the name of the lease company and an address to deliver the car to after work complete.

But maybe in the future, if your car is not running hackers are still able to hack it. He might get your personal information by other means. But i would rather be safe than sorry in the future, to walk instead of drive ( if i can even buy a car ). LOL:D

To hack it, the computers need to be powered up. That means the car needs to be running :)
Maybe at some point someone can plug into the car systems using a wireless connection, and at that point I might start worrying about someone breaking in while I'm driving.