i was working on the webpage at work, and got this error message. I read it and instantly burst out laughing. Most epic error message ever, hahahaha. I thought i'd share, hoping that someone else finds this as funny as i did.

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lol. That is a bummer, now isn't it?

Not at all a bummer. I laughed out loud for like ten minutes! :) So worth it.

It's not a computer error, but I saw it on the side of a bus..

..made me laugh

how do you add an image to the post? attachment?

how do you add an image to the post? attachment?

It's the "paper clip" next to the " :) " above "Bold" and so on

Just a more clearer detail, Just go advanced editor, and click in the paper clip. There will be a new tab and you just choose the file you want to upload after scroll down and click on upload. About the picture JamieLynnSEO posted, it is damn funny. Do you know what a bummer means, it means disappointing or annoying and sure it is.