Just go to the url and enjoy the windows parodies!
Don't forget to check out Windows Doors! Its the best!

P.S. - This thread does not intend to hurt the feelings of die-hard windows fans.

debasisdas commented: spam. +0
sergent commented: Not spam +0

looks like spam to me.

Did you really go to the link, or are you just giving a random comment???
If you did go and check out those spoofs, then you wouldn't have said that.

Yes I did visit that site. Went to the Windows Doors link and only saw an advert for some game (Hunted) with a few comments below it. The trailer makes the game look interesting, but its a bit pricy.

@Ancient Dragon...
You did not see the game appear as the game is quite large, and it's preloader takes some time to appear(didn't you read the author's comments?).
Nevermind, you can play the other games, and for Windows Doors, you can also play it from the following links:

To prevent the ads, you can use AdblockPlus, but it is available only for firefox and chrome(don't know about opera).

Proving that he posted SPAM.

commented: You've got no proof. +0

Proving that he posted SPAM.

I'm telling you that it is NOT spam. I just saw these game were funny and wanted to share with you guys. If you guys think it is spam, then don't go to the link, its that simple.

After opening the link only one will know what you have posted here.

If you are deliberately posting SPAM, may be its time for some moderator to handle the case.

Look, the game actually is very large - about 10 MB and takes some time to load, be patient.
And again I repeat, I am NOT posting spam. is a legit site.
Plus, every site has ads, that doesn't mean that they're spam.
Its not that I have lots of free time and want to waste it by spamming the forums - I am a student and have joined here to learn more about programming, not to spam the threads.

Did you really go to the link,..........
You did not see the game appear...........
didn't you read the author's comments?...........
Nevermind, you can play the other games,.............
Look, the game .........

But i don't understand why you want everyone to open that link.

If are really a student and want to learn, then stop posting SPAM repeatedly.

This is Geek's Lounge -- the link is NOT spam. Lots of members have posted links to favorite (or funny) sites in this forum without being harassed for spamming.

@Ancient Dragon
Thank you for understanding that the link is not spam!