Anyone care to recommend a good file split/join utility? I want to use TeamViewer's file transfer feature to send files to my son in Long Island and I want to split large files into smaller chunks so that if there is an error/dropout I don't have to resend the entire file. I've seen several freebies on places like Softpoedia and Cnet but I don't want to download, install and evaluate all of them. Perhaps someoene has a favourite they's care to suggest.

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Wow, your son is on Long Island? Whereabouts?
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Consider also HJ-Split, it's free and cross-platform and works fine.

I use both WinRar and HJ-Split regularly. Both are great products. as cereal mentioned HJ-split is free if you dont already have access to WinRar.

Or you could just write your own program. What's so difficult about writing a program that does nothing more than blindly split a file into small chuncks? It could be written in maybe 15 minutes. Of course people who don't know how to program couldn't do that, but that's not the case here.

I could roll my own but if there is one already written and free that does what I want then I'll not waste my time. At this point I don't need the practice.

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@Reverend Jim

You can try PeaZip

I still used it and runs the same as WinRar and it's free! It's always updating!

I forgot mention once you download and extract peazip, you can unstalled that annoying AVG Secure Search toolbar

To remove the AVG Secure Search toolbar and revert all associated changes in your browser settings:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (even if your main browser is Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).
  2. Click on the arrow next to the AVG logo in the AVG toolbar.
  3. Click Uninstall AVG Security Toolbar.
  4. Select Remove the toolbar and AVG Secure Search and click OK.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I ended up with FFSJ which is fast and easy and also supports encryption.

<totally offtopic>Wow, your son is on Long Island? Whereabouts?</offtopic rant>

He's doing a post-doc in physics at the Laufer Institute (Stoney Brook).