Is there a way to find all my comments on disqus?



I post on blog comments on various articles. But its hard to follow the replies. I cannot find where I could see all my comments. I think diquss is commenting tool and should have that feature. Is it existing? If it is can you tell where?


If you have a disqus account, log in and on the dashboard, you should see all your comments. If you don't have an account, then I don't know how your posts can be connected to you.


I will take a look, I have an account. Somehow when I first time took a look, did not found. Maybe need look more carefully :)


Ok, here's a screenshot of what I see. Do you get something similar?


Question Answered as of 2 Years Ago by diafol

thanks, this is cool site then :) how did not I see this earlier..

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