Hey, what are your guys plan for spring break?

I'm working extra hours to save up for my trips I'm taking in the summer. :-)

I plan to go to work every weekday, just like the rest of the year. Slightly improved traffic will be a nice change though.

commented: Coming up to Easter half term here. I am also looking forward to my journey time reducing by 15 minutes each way ;) +0

It must be nice to be a student, enjoy it.

For me Weekend camping with my son, weekday-back to work :(

My grandaughter is already done with spring break, back to school last Monday. As for me, I'm ALWAYS on spring break :)

i don't have anymore spring break,wish i could have any, :(

may take a long weekend with easter, but that's about it until at least June or more likely September/October...

I might just take a week off and pretend I'm on school holidays :D

Probably go see my grandparent's and take the time to relax, start new computer projects, BMX and maybe some other stuff :)

for me it is just studying, going to the gym, practicing some computer skills, trading... that is really it.

I'm just staying home. :(

But I might go to San Jose again!! YAYAYAYAYA