I m a web designer and developer at fusion web technology in coimbatore. I have 6 month experience in this field. But they give three thousand salary only. It's not enough for my allowance. How they give to parents as a salary. So i call to chennai for Web development job. They told only 5 thousand salary. Chennai is a metro area. Defenetly not enough salary. At last i went to mnc company. They asked many question and written test after said "now no vacancies, call you back". I m really disappointed it. Hate IT field. I m not experience in framework. But i have programs as backup. Like • Register, Login, Log out Process • Image, Audio, Video Upload and download option • Email forms • Image of the day • Search using Ajax • Captcha for Security • Shopping Cart • Front end Development using Javascript and Jquery Please help me Anybody solutions for me

help you with what? what kind of solution are you looking for, or what problem are you trying to solve?

it's a supply and demand market, no changing that.
6 months of experience is basically the same as none. you're a junior developer, so no, you won't be paid the "top dough" just yet.

I can't exactly say whether or not you earn bad or well, since I don't know what currency you are talking about (if they offered me 5K over here .... SOOOOOOLD) so I can't really compare it to any of the rates I know.

just because you work in an expensive area, doesn't mean you have to live/rent/buy there. you can always commute to work.

being disappointed after three interviews? you haven't seen the start of it yet. if you're already disappointed, maybe you've chosen the wrong field.
employers want frameworks, especially consultancy firms. after all, they do look nice on a resume, don't they?

having "programs as backup" ... ehm, I'm not sure what you mean by that, but registering/logging in/logging out is the kind of stuff you should be able to write in under half an hour.

if you want to be a developer, stick with it, even if your pay isn't the highest on the block. if it means going less to parties, so be it.
but if you're doing it strictly for the money, and not because you like it, I recommend you look for another carreer. thise one might blow up in your face with one hell of a burn-out as a result otherwise.

As a junior, I had 6 interviews before I got my first offer and it was low. Ridiculously low, but I took it. Why? Because all those boxes you need to tick to get the big money? Well you can get that when you're in work. Believe me, once you have 6-12 months on your CV, even if the pay is crap, better paying employers will take an interest in you.

I worked for nothing, nada, zilch, zero pay for my first 12 months in order to get a portfolio of work (as a freelancer). After that I explained to my clients that if they wanted me to continue working with them then I would require paying, and we should discuss terms. Not a single one declined to pay... This was 20+ years ago, but I like to think that (some) employers do still appreciate people who are prepared to show they are serious about a career rather than just a job.