Hello members..

I needed to implement dynamic graph solution in PhP and got this wonderful article which serves my purpose.

I played with it as they told me to but did not get any output from the samples :'( I tried the installation test and its showing that everything is proper. But when i download the package and run any eg in that it shows.

I tried this bit of code here below

//Include the code

//Define the object
$graph =& new PHPlot(200,150);

//Define some data
$example_data = array(

//Draw it

The image cannot be displayed and the error message is not in text but written in image!! :-O

Any clues on how to proceed will be of greaa....at help.:)
Thank you...

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Seems like this is a class custom error message. Look at the documentation or support forum if they have one.

Hey Ardav... Thanks for your reply bro.
But i didn modify any of the classes or any other stuff. Directly downloaded it and put it to Wamp (latest version and GD enabled) and tried it (and got ERROR :-) ). Every one are getting the output cause many have commented it as very well. And all other graphing solution i tried are showing the SAME ERROR!! And I came upon some conclusion " MOstly Iam doing something wrong here!" . Please guys any kind of lead would be helpful :-) . Thank you...

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$graph =& new PHPlot(200,150);

has been deprecated, try:

$graph = new PHPlot(200,150);

The error message, I think is a browser error message. Try disabling output buffering for now to see if it works.


what is a error message from your site

Seems like this is a class custom error message.