I am finally finishing up my BS degree for computer science and have a research paper to do. I chose Android Programming as my topic, but my instructor informed me that this is too broad and that I need to narrow it down. I am looking for some ideas on this matter. I need something more specific, a topic with a lot of material and is easy to understand for a new programmer (such as myself). Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

you could create an Android game or some other Android app.

Warning: I don't know anything about Android.

A research topic should really be a specific question you want to answer. "Android programming" is just a category of information so it is really hard to write a good essay or dissertation which makes a point about it. Rather it is more suited to manuals or textbook style writing.

A better topic would be something like:

"Comparing the performance and usability of Android vs iOS app development."

Here your asking a specific question "Which has better performance and usability Android or iOS?" So it is much easier to write an essay which makes a point about it -> you can either write an essay arguing Android is better or iOS is better or that one is better for one and the other is better at the other.

or another possible topic could be:

"What are the costs and benefits of open standards [or open-source code] for mobile devices?"


"Exploiting motion data: Android game development" (Here you are asking 'how does android make efficient use of accelerometers & gyroscopes')

Hope that gives you some ideas!

and after we came up with your "research proposal" the next step is you asking us to write the actual paper and associated software as well?